LKpN 101 Netzkopfhaube Gr.


A very nice LKpN 101 Netzkopfhaube

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This LKpN 101 Netzkopfhaube is a very nice piece, with the light brown ear protectors, chocolate brown leather and the dark brown webbing. The webbing is fully intact, the electrical wires are all there. The straps and buttons are complete, only the oxygen mask knobs are missing but you see that more often. The plastic caps are cracked but still there. It comes with a sheepwool interior and leather headband. The maker label is still in there in good condition as well telling us it’s made by bxo wich stand for Deutsche Telefonwerke und Kabelindustrie A.G. Berlin. with Gerät-NR. 124-452 A-2. The cap is a size 62.

Overall a very nice piece for a flieger display.


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